Plympton MA storage units

Which Storage Unit Is Best For You?

Deciding between different sizes of storage unit? 106 Self Storage has many Plympton MA storage options to choose from. From large storage units to small storage space, we will help you narrow down your decision. Having to much space can hurt your budget and having to little square footage may damage your belongings.  Keep reading for a full description of how to best use our self storage.


If you are looking for just a little extra space, this is the best solution. This size has been compared to a small walk in closet, just big enough for a few boxes. You would want to store seasonal equipment and smaller items. The possibilities of storing your bedroom set would be best save for the next size up.


Did you just get new furniture in the master bedroom? What will you do with the older model? If you want to keep it until a family member needs it or are planning to use it again, this is a good size unit. There is just enough for a few large pieces of furniture. This storage unit is at its’ max when you plan to store more than one bedroom. Check out our large units for storing multiple bedrooms.


Our drive up storage is beneficial when moving the whole house. Are isles are easily accessible and keep the process moving. The rental truck can pull right up to your unit and all your belongings can be moved right into the unit with very little hassle.

Our storage calculator will also be a benefit to first time customers. Select the items you wish to store and let the calculator do the work. Our on site manger will also be of assistance when choosing the right packing supplies. Have enough supplies to get the job done the first time.

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Katie Mest

Katie Mest

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