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Why Organization Matters

Ready to get your space coordinated in time for the nice weather? Use our top organization tips to sort through each room in your house. 106 Self Storage can help when you need space for the extra items you come across! Check out these easy to follow solutions for cleaning up your home in no time.


  • Create a designated area for family notes. The kitchen is the best place to make notes of family schedules, meals for the week, and the family shopping list.
  • Those pocket organizers for shoes also work in the pantry. Suspend the sleeve of pockets from the door and store seasonal packets, spices, and even canned goods.
  • An over-the-cabinet basket keeps organization under the sink. This is a good spot for sandwich bags, foil, plastic wraps, etc.
  • Not enough space to prep your meals? If you are contently fighting with your kitchen while making dinner, find a cutting board that fits over top of the sink. You can cut and wash all at the same time, while making extra work space.


  • If you have a few extra pieces of wood make a plan for an above-the-door shelf. You can keep guest towels and bathroom supplies here.
  • A rack behind the door is a great way to keep towels hidden and allow them to dry without unwanted smells.
  • Suction cup shelves add storage in the bathroom. If you are tired of kicking the shampoo off the ledge find a self that will support the weight of these items.
  • Is your floor space not big enough for a shelf? Put up shelves and find bins at the dollar store to keep q-tips, cotton balls, and other bathroom necessities at an easy to grab location.


  • Don’t overload an area with too much décor. Devote two-thirds of your shelf space to books and movies and the rest to knick-knacks.
  • Group similar items together. If you are always hunting for the remotes have a basket to keep everything together.
  • Do you enjoy paging through magazines? If so, you understand they can start to pile up. Make it a habit to discard the previous issue before opening the new one.

Stay one step ahead of the clutter with our easy room-by-room strategies for organization!

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