3 Tips for Using Packing Supplies Efficiently

Are you moving or looking to start keeping your items in self storage? 106 Self Storage has affordable drive-up storage units and packing supplies in the Plympton, MA, area. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial storage, we have you covered. Read our tips on how to make the most of the storage supplies you purchase and how you can best pack up your belongings.

Maximize Your Space: Tips for Utilizing Packing Supplies & Organizing Like a Pro!

1. Save the Best Boxes for the Heaviest & Most Fragile

Many people gravitate toward large boxes to hold their large items. But large items tend to be some of the heaviest. Besides just thinking about the size of your items, consider which of your boxes are actually the sturdiest for the job. You may have a giant box that has served you well through multiple moves so far, but leave it to your newer and stronger boxes to get the job done.

If you need new boxes, we sell a wide range of packing supplies on-site at our Plympton MA office. Just stop in, and we can help you find what you need!

2. Go Big for Light Items (And Small for Heavy)

Similarly, if you have heavy items you are looking to pack into a box, a smaller box will be safer and more secure than a large one. Just because you can fit something into a box does not mean it is efficiently packed. Consider the total the weight of the box and if you are capable of lifting and carrying it. Also consider the obstacles that will be in your way while you carry it. Stairs? Lifting into a moving vehicle?

Bonus Tip: Pack your books in a suitcase instead of a box. That way you have no risk of the box breaking under the weight, and you can roll the suitcase when it is not necessary to pick up.

3. Label Your Boxes

Labeling your boxes will help you organize your storage unit by rooms in your house. On your label, mark the room in your house this box of items will get unpacked into. We recommend putting as much detail on your labels as possible. List the contents of the box, so you do not have to dig through boxes later to find what you are looking for.

Pack It Up with 106 Self Storage in Plympton, MA

Now that you know how to pack up your items, are you ready to find the right storage space to handle your load? Convenient for Plympton, MA, residents and the nearby area, 106 Self Storage on County Road has drive-up storage units available for rent now. These self storage options create a quick and efficiently storage process, since you are able to pull your vehicle directly up to the front door of your storage unit to load and unload. Stop into our office to talk with our storage experts about the best self storage option for the items you are looking to store. Then stock up on storage supplies to ensure all your items are properly packed away and secure.

You can also find your Plympton, MA, storage unit online! Browse the storage units we currently have available, and use our storage calculator and other online tools to determine the best storage space for your load. Storing has never been easier! Find your storage solution with 106 Self Storage.

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