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Looking for a reliable solution to free up space in your driveway or garage? At 106 Self Storage, we understand the care and security you want when in your vehicle storage options. Whether you’re in need of extra parking space for your car, truck, boat, RV, trailer, or any other type of vehicle, our facility in Plympton, MA, has you covered. Offering outdoor parking spaces within the secure confines of our fenced facility, we provide the perfect solution for keeping your vehicles safe and off your property. Trust in 106 Self Storage to alleviate the burden of overcrowded driveways and garages, allowing you to focus on what matters most—enjoying a clutter-free and organized space.

Table of Contents

I. Security Features of Vehicle Storage at a Self Storage Facility

II. Prepare Your Vehicles for Storage with These Tips

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 The Security Benefits that Self Storage Provides for Your Vehicles

We pride ourselves on offering a secure and accessible solution for your vehicle storage needs. Our facility is ideally located in Plympton, MA, to provide easy storage options for a variety of vehicles, including cars, RVs, boats, and trailers. Recognizing the significance of your investment in your vehicles, we have established robust security measures to guarantee their protection while stored at our location.

Encircled by a fenced perimeter, our outdoor vehicle storage area ensures a high level of security, effectively preventing unauthorized access. Coupled with controlled keypad gate access, our facility maintains a secure environment where only customers and authorized staff can enter the premises. This system allows us to closely monitor and record all facility activity, offering you peace of mind knowing that access is restricted and your vehicle is safeguarded against theft and vandalism.

106 Self Storage is also equipped with advanced, around-the-clock surveillance cameras that cover the entire property. These cameras play a crucial role in our security strategy, providing continuous monitoring and recording all activity, day and night. When you choose to store your vehicle with us, you can do so with confidence—assured that it will remain in pristine condition, just as you left it. Trust in the comprehensive security features at 106 Self Storage to keep your vehicle safe and secure.

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Vehicle Care Before Storage: Essential Preparations

To ensure your RV, boat, or vehicle remains in peak condition during its stay in storage, there are steps to take you stow it away. By following these expert preparation tips, you not only safeguard the value of your vehicle but also ensure it’s ready for action whenever you are. Here’s how to prepare each type of vehicle for storage:

Preparing Your RV for Storage

  • Battery Care: Either disconnect the battery and store it in a cool, dry place or keep it hooked to a trickle charger to maintain charge.
  • Cleaning Interior & Exterior: Start with a deep cleaning of both the inside and outside to prevent dirt accumulation and pest attraction.
  • Fluids & Engine Maintenance: Replace the oil, refill all fluids, and check that the coolant system is ready for the storage duration.
  • Tire Maintenance: Inflate the tires to the recommended pressure to avoid the development of flat spots.
  • Ventilation: Keep vents slightly open to facilitate air flow and ward off moisture accumulation, but ensure they are screened to keep out pests.

Preparing Your Boat for Storage

  • Battery Removal: Detach the battery and place it in a cool, dry spot to extend its life.
  • Cleaning Thoroughly: Conduct an in-depth clean of your boat, ensuring it’s fully dry to fend off mildew and corrosion. Remove any saltwater residue thoroughly.
  • Covering: Protect your boat with a high-quality cover that fits well to defend against dust and environmental factors.
  • Engine & Fuel System: Flush the engine with fresh water, change the oil, and incorporate a fuel stabilizer to the fuel system to prevent condensation.

Preparing Other Vehicles for Storage

  • Clean & Protect: Wash and apply wax to the exterior to protect the finish. Clean the interior thoroughly, removing any perishables or sensitive materials.
  • Fluids & Battery: Ensure all fluids are at optimal levels and the oil is changed. Disconnect the battery or connect to a trickle charger to preserve its charge.
  • Parking: Whenever possible, park on a tarp or protective barrier to prevent moisture from the ground from affecting the vehicle.
  • Tire Care: Inflate the tires to the correct pressure to prevent flat spots and consider using tire covers for added protection.

By taking these steps before storing your RV, boat, or vehicle at 106 Self Storage, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be in the best possible condition when you return for it. Proper preparation is the key to maintaining your vehicle’s integrity and ensuring it’s ready to go.

Find a Home for Your Vehicle at 106 Self Storage

When your garage or property begins to feel overcrowded, give your home some breathing room. 106 Self Storage offers more than just reliable self storage units to help you tackle your organization projects. Our outdoor parking spaces are cost-effective options for vehicle storage in Plympton, MA. Kept secure behind a fenced perimeter and keypad access, you can rest assured that your possessions are secure from unauthorized access. We keep careful watch through 24/7 recording cameras, and our managers regularly monitor the grounds. See for yourself why 106 Self Storage is a trusted name in the area!

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