Plympton MA Storage Auctions

Charity Storage Auctions: How You Can Help

Found a few extra boxes of belongings in your storage unit in Plympton MA? Donate them and help 106 Self Storage with our Plympton MA storage auctions. We are excited to work with Charity Storage and you can clean up your home or office and support a great cause. Stop in the office today to see how a small donation can go a long way.

Plympton MA Storage Auctions

Storage Auctions Through Charity Storage

How does it work and where do the funds go? When you donate your gently used items, our store manager on site will keep them safe in an available storage unit. Once the unit is full, an online auction will be posted on Storage Treasures. After the final bid, Charity Storage will take the grand total and divide it amongst the 3 organizations below.

60% American Heart Association
20% Kure It Cancer Research
10% Self Storage Association Foundation Scholarship

About Charity Storage

Our partnership with Charity Storage has no end in sight. We are an official location for anyone in the Plympton MA or Plymouth MA and surrounding areas to drop off their items. You can have a clean organized space and help your community through charitable organizations.

More Than Local Storage

106 Self Storage is always available to help you store your belongings, just stop in the office or rent online. If you are in the process of organizing your items and have nothing to donate do not worry, our partnership with Charity Storage will be happening all year long.

Set boxes or single items aside, while you pack the house or while you unpack your storage unit.

Bring your belongings to the office during office hours and let our store manager know you want to give your items to our Plympton MA storage auctions with Charity Storage.

We will take it from there! You get clean space and we have a storage unit full of treasures sure to draw a crowd.

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