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Commercial Self Storage for Your Business

Take your business to the next level with commercial self storage! It is cheaper than renting office space, and 106 Self Storage’s month-by-month leases offer the flexibility to store as much or as little as you need. Our gated facility in Plympton MA is secure and assures the safety of your items when you store with us. Keep your workspace free for what is important, and let us handle the rest!

When Storage Can Help Your Business

Your growing business does not need to stay couped up in the small workspace in your house. Branch out using storage units! Why might you need storage?

  • Setting up your business
  • Expanding
  • Moving
  • Inventory/equipment storage
  • Clearing space

Having extra storage space away will literally take a load off your workspace. Keep inventory, supplies, and equipment out of sight until you need it for a job.

What Kinds of Businesses Should Use Commercial Self Storage?

The short answer is that most businesses can benefit from self storage! However, here are a few professions who commonly use storage units to help them get organized.


Being a contractor comes with a lot of equipment, whether you work in construction, painting, landscaping, or mechanics. Keep your supplies and extra inventory in a location close to your work site. Access it when you need to, and store the items that you do not immediately need for your next job. Drive-up storage units are particularly helpful in this line of work because you can easily load and unload directly from your vehicle.

E-Commerce Businesses

Calling all crafters! Is your Etsy business booming? If your supply is increasing and your home office is just not cutting it anymore, commercial self storage can help. Drop off more inventory when you make a new haul, and pick up your merchandise when it sells. You can also store materials for future projects. With the holiday season around the corner, make sure you are stocked up.

Sales Reps

Sales inventory will take over your house if you let it. Keep work and home life separate by storing inventory in a self storage unit. Pull your items out for parties and meetings, and bring back whatever is left. Keep your inventory organized and safe until you are ready for it.

106 Self Storage & Your Business

106 Self Storage in Plympton MA is conveniently located on County Road for those in the Cape Cod Bay area. We offer drive-up storage units in a range of sizes to fit your supplies, inventory, or equipment. If you are still unsure about how commercial self storage can help your business, call our office and speak to an expert who can help match you to the right storage unit. Rent with us right away, or reserve a storage unit for the future!

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Tim Glasow

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