Holiday Decoration Storage Plympton MA

Holiday Decoration Storage Tips for Plympton MA

After the holidays when you are confronted with the task of putting away all of your holiday decorations, look to self storage to simplify things. 106 Self Storage on County Road has drive-up storage units and outdoor parking space you can rent to store your items throughout the year. Browse our selection and check out our holiday decoration storage tips for our Plympton, MA, neighbors!

Un-Deck the Halls with These 3 Holiday Decoration Storage Tips

1. Include Padding with Ornaments

The ornaments on your tree symbolize firsts, new beginnings, and memories. Give them a properly padded box or bin so they do not crash into one another. You can wrap them in paper or put small pieces of cardboard in between them.

2. Keep Your Tree’s Box

After you take off the decorations, disassemble as directed on the box. Try to wrap up your tree as small as possible to fit nicely back inside its box. You can wrap string around the branches to pull them in tighter, but be careful not to pull too tight and break off your needles. If you no longer have the box it came in, your next best bet is to purchase a storage bag.

3. Store Wrapping Paper Long-Term

If you did not use all your wrapping paper this year, do not let it go to waste. Save it for next year! When you pack away your holiday decorations into your storage space, you can throw in your wrapping paper, too! Secure inside a long bin for the best protection against humidity and damage.

4. Utilize Self Storage to Keep Clutter at Bay

Choosing a self storage unit for your holiday decorations offers numerous advantages, such as ensuring the decorations’ preservation and promoting a clutter-free home storage space. Storing these beloved adornments in a temperature-controlled, secure space keeps them in pristine condition, ready for next year. Self storage facilities also allow the flexibility to control your collection and swap items in and out as needed. Experience the ease and reassurance provided by self storage, and create unforgettable holiday seasons for years to come.

Rent Holiday Decoration Storage with 106 Self Storage in Plympton, MA

106 Self Storage offers the most convenient storage options for residents of Plympton, Halifax, and Kingston., MA Located on County Road, our storage facility has professionals and storage supplies on-site to assist you through the holiday season—from clearing clutter to prepare for company, to the holiday decoration storage when the season is over. You can rent a 106 Self Storage drive-up storage unit month-by-month or long-term to house your holiday decorations until next year. We also offer vehicle storage with our outdoor parking spaces. Check out our online rentals today to see the storage units we have available!

Pressed for time this busy holiday season? Handle your rental completely remotely by renting and paying your bill online. 106 Self Storage values convenience and safety for all our tenants. Use our online resources to find the best storage unit for you. Then rent your Plympton, MA, self storage to start organizing!

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Katie Mest

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