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How Storage Helps With Back To School

Cooler weather and back to school season is upon us, do you know where you are storing your summer gear? Our local storage in Plympton MA can make finding a place to store your camping gear and transportation for the summer a breeze. Our drive up storage units and outdoor parking are keys for your summer storage needs.

Learn from our experts about storing your items for the season as well as a few suggestions for organizing the family during the start of the school year.

Local Storage Plympton MA

Seasonal Storage

  1. A local storage unit allows easy access to your gear when you want it. Move camping gear to storage with labels just in case you want to take one last adventure before winter.
  2. Take gas out of the lawnmower and move the snowblower front and center in the storage unit.
  3. Shelves will keep your boxes organized while in storage.
  4. Use a canoe rack to keep personal boats off the hard ground in storage.
  5. Reserve your storage unit now! 106 Self Storage offers online reservations and will hold your storage unit for up to 2 weeks.

Organization Tips for Back To School

  1. Stay on top of all the paperwork coming home on the first day with an accordion folder. This may be better than one large binder.
  2. Avoid frantic runs to the store for supplies and grab a few basic necessities for around the house while shopping.
  3. Keep everything your kids will need for school in one easy spot. Make a place for backpacks, signed papers, and lunchboxes.
  4. Apps can help kids with homework and so much more. Check out myHomework for reminders about projects and Here Comes the Bus so kids can keep track of their bus.

Make our local storage in Plympton MA your solution this fall for seasonal items! Our promise to offer more than storage sets us apart from the rest. Talk with our storage professionals on site about storing or organizing your belongings. We are happy to help and our storage units are available!

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