RV Storage Tips to Prepare for Winter

Getting ready for winter, are you questioning what to do with your RV or boat? Your search stops here with spaces RV storage Plympton MA! 106 Self Storage has RV storage spaces as well as boat storage. We make storing your seasonal gear simple and on budget. Your summer transportation will be waiting here for you when summer roles around again, and the lake is calling or the next road trip is planned.

See how easy RV storage is with these tips!

RV Storage Plympton MA

  • Place a chock behind the wheel to keep your RV from moving.
  • Inflate tires to the maximum psi. This measurement is on the side of the tire, so you do not have to remember every season.
  • Do your own preventative pest control before storage. Clean out cabinets and the fridge. Remember to leave the fridge door open so moisture does not get trapped inside.
  • Wash the exterior of the RV and do a little detailing to really make it shine.
  • Refresh coolant and other vital fluids for an easy transition out of storage.
  • Add a stabilizer to the gas tank if you plan on leaving the RV sit for a month or longer

As we say goodbye to summer and welcome the winter weather, 106 Self Storage wants to get you ready for self storage. Let us help you answer your questions about RV storage Plympton MA.

Looking for self storage space for your boxes or personal items? We have small storage units as well as large drive up storage units to better serve our customers. The next time you are looking to save space, use our Plympton MA storage facility!

We have experts waiting to guide you through the process of renting your next storage unit. Too busy to stop by the office? Save some time and rent online!

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