Summer Storage Tips 101

Deciding what to put into storage for winter? As summer draws to an end, summer storage tips and storage spaces are in high demand, and we have what you need. With 106 Self Storage you can swap the lawn mowers for snow blowers and bathing suits for sweaters, all while saving space. Let our Plympton MA storage units help you prepare your belongings for winter.

Storing summer gear with these self storage tips

summer storage tips Plympton MA

  • Remove spark plugs, oil, and gas from lawn mowers before closing the storage unit door.
  • Clean all your outdoor tools so they are ready for use at the start of next summer.
  • Clean off grill racks, and utensils to avoid rodents in your storage unit.
  • Flammable propane and other items that are combustible are not permitted in storage.
  • Mold and mildew will grow on damp equipment, so make sure to dry everything off before storing it.
  • Make an isle through your storage unit so you can access seasonal clothes. Keep them along the wall to keep a pathway through your unit.
  • We offer a variety or furniture covers to help protect your patio furniture while in storage.
  • Preserve your plastic lawn chairs by cleaning and waxing them.
  • Wicker or wood furniture can be stained to stay looking like new.
  • Absorb any built up moisture in your items with Damp Rid. These absorbing tools stop mold and mildew from forming if the weather fluctuates.

As you enjoy the last vacation or family trip, let our self storage units help you start planning for next season. Our summer storage tips provide the knowledge you need to store your families items. Focus on getting the kids ready for a new school year while we secure your belongings for winter.

Stop by our office for more solutions and moving supplies. We have everything from boxes and tape to dust covers and packing kits.

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Katie Mest

Katie Mest

About the Author: Katie Mest is an SEO Specialist at Storage Asset Management in York, PA. She specializes in writing about the self storage industry, including storage tips and helpful resources. Outside of work, Katie enjoys camping, hiking, and exploring the outdoors with her newly adopted Greyhound rescue, Titan.